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Our products are made with the best quality ingredients to assure our customers the best flavors possible. Want to offer Pawnee Bill's at your bar, store, or establishment? Contact us and we will be happy to set it up!

Beef Jerky

Our Beef Jerky...Original "Hickory Smoked" or "Old Country Style" made with red pepper.

Hickory Smoked Strips: 15oz.

30 strips of our "Original Hickory Smoked Beef"... You might just want to replace that cookie jar on the kitchen counter, for a more satisfying treat!


Hickory Smoked Pieces: 16oz.

Our "Original Hickory Smoked pieces" in a 1 pound bag. Convenient, bite sized pieces of smoked meat heaven! Grab a bag while watching your favorite movie at home with your family or take a bag to work for that in-between snack that wont leave your hands sticky or crumbs in your work area.


Old Country Style Strips: 15oz.​

30 strips of "Our Old Country Style" beef jerky made with red pepper... fits nicely in a plastic jar with a screw on lid, for those long hard days and/or nights when you and "the boys" are in the garage "tinkering" on the truck.


Old Country Style Pieces: 16oz.

1 pound bag of "Old Country Style" beef jerky pieces, made with red pepper. Much tastier and just as convenient to eat as a bag of chips! Your husband would appreciate a baggie of these thrown in with his lunch instead of boring old snacks!


Snack Sticks

Our Snack Sticks...Original "Old Fashioned" with a bit of spice or "Sweet & Spicy" with a teriyaki flavor and that extra spice.

Old Fashioned Snack Sticks: 2.5lbs

Our Original "Old Fashioned" Snack Sticks with just a bit of spice...perfect for fishing/camping trips, also a cleaner alternative to crumbly snacks for your children in the back seat for that "longer than usual" car trip.


Sweet & Spicy Snack Sticks: 2.5lbs.

Sweet & Spicy...that delicious combination of teriyaki & a little extra spice to make your taste buds dance. Perfect to keep in a jar by the pool table for a quick and easy nibble while entertaining guests, as a warning, be sure to only put a few sticks out at a time. After all, you would like your friends to taste your new discovery but not to eat them all before you get to enjoy them yourself!!!


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